Gallery of Professional Templates from Our Animated Video Maker

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Step 1:
If you’re wondering how to make an animated video, it couldn’t be easier. Choose the HDSplash template that best suits your brand and video needs. Once you have decided on your messaging and chosen a template to customize, select the medium you’d like to use for your Splash Video, web or TV, select one of the four music options for that template, and then choose either the :30 or :60 version. Next click Customize.

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Video Name
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- Web or TV -
Web format gives you 360p and 720p
versions suitible for a website.
TV format gives you the web videos
and a 1080p version suitible
for television broadcast.
- Prices -
Web 30: $99
Web 60: $149
TV 30: $199

Choose a DMA

Designated Marketing Area:
- U.S. only -
An area that represents the way
that NPD/Nielsen measures its
television market audiences.